Shameless Self Promotion



A few weeks ago I sat for an interview with a fabulous magazine from my hometown of Montgomery, Alabama.  I was beyond thrilled to be asked and grateful for the publicity.  Goodness knows I hope to have millions of people reading this website.  Working is super hard. 

I walked out of the interview catwalk style.  I was poised, hilarious, and used strategically intelligent vocabulary.  BOOM!  Hashtag nailed it.  Ten minutes later I was driving home and contemplating the following while starting to sweat profusely:


Why did I take over two hours to answer five questions?

Clearly, I have only a tenuous grasp of the English language at best.

Why did I spend 20 minutes talking about the circus?  I mean, that was not relevant.

Could that audio recording be used to prosecute me in a court of law?

Am I mentally unstable?


The answer to that last question is, probably. But this being a very chic publication, my wanton gibberish has been turned into something resembling normal person speak. If you are in the Montgomery area, pick up a copy. Or read it online here.



And look for my new column for RSVP starting in the March issue!