Thanksgiving and The New York Times

Cat Williams

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to plead with my mother to stop reading the newspaper.  Nothing would make me more abundantly thankful or hashtag blessed.

The world doesn’t need another old white woman crusading against things that do not affect her in the slightest.  This morning she has taken up the mantle against the powers that be in New York City for the misappropriation of funds that has led to the deterioration of the city’s subway system.  Diane rode the subway once 20 years ago, yet thanks to The New York Times, she is now personally offended by the lack of subway maintenance.  I am witness to her vow to begin an email campaign to “sock it to those corrupt folks in the government up there.”  

Yep, I am sure that will do it.

Now she has moved on to the global refugee crisis and the death of Mel Tillis who miraculously overcame a debilitating stutter.  He was 85.  She has announced plans to start a foundation.  I’m not sure for what.  Possibly for the refugees, possibly for the family of Mel Tillis.  

It is 7:30 AM and I am already anxious, confused, and grieving for the previously unknown to me, Mel Tillis.  If I am able to focus on something other than these current events crises, I will try to make it to an exercise class. Frankly, I am not certain I have the emotional fortitude. Diane has finished her 2 cups of coffee and taken off to her office and the computer.  I can’t say what she is doing in there but a good bet might be that she is contacting NYC Mayor de Blasio personally. 

Tomorrow our family will celebrate Thanksgiving by going out to eat, watching an endless loop of MSNBC, mowing through mountains of newspapers, and solving the world’s problems from our sofa.

You’re welcome.