Fashion Roadkill

Denim shirt styled up with a pickle pop

Denim shirt styled up with a pickle pop

Considering the roaring success that was my OOTY (outfit of the year) denim shirt, I thought I should continue to expand my summer denim wardrobe. Ya’ll, even LeBron misses once every in a while. And apparently I missed hard in the dressing room at Saks Fifth Avenue.

I threw down for a spaghetti strap denim jumpsuit. Way out of my comfort zone but I’m trying to get more awesome.

My NYC BFF, Diana, was excited to return it immediately.

The hot Urologist asked if I might consider never wearing it again.

Fashion haters. I debuted the denim onesie at the SoHo House in West Hollywood. And due to the miracle that is Lasik surgery, I was able to see myself in the bathroom mirror.


I’d give the failure suit away, but I can’t think of anyone I hate that much.