The Sweater Stone: Yes, You Need One

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Not sure about you, but I am so tired of sweaters that pill!  Sweater “pills” are those little fuzz balls that develop causing your lovely sweaters and knitwear to look like crap.  It can be hard to predict exactly which garments will pill and which ones won’t.  I have had very expensive sweaters that pilled and very cheap sweaters that did not.  What to do, what to do…

Get a sweater stone.


This is a sweater stone.



It is a small block of natural pumice that will gently whisk away those annoying little pills.




This is my sweater stone from a company called The Laundress ($18).  This isn’t the only one, there is also Sweater Stone ($8).  The Laundress stone I purchased happened to be in a store down the block and I snapped it up without doing any price research.  But they are the exact same thing.


How does it work?

Here is a pair of Lululemon lounge pants that have pilled.  Not too fabulous in their current state.




Following the directions, I used short gentle strokes to scrape off the pills.




You get a nice pile of lint to clean up but at least it is no longer attached to your garment.


After a little work with the sweater stone, here are the same Lululemon pants.




Big difference, right?  I used these light gray pants because it was easier to see the result.  I also use my sweater stone on cashmere, wool, and knitwear that develops pills.  It has worked wonders on all.

Order one of these little stones and see for yourself.  Your winter wardrobe will thank you.



Gifts for the Gals

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Don’t the ladies on your list deserve something fabulous?  I think they do.  And fabulous has never lived in a pair of Isotoner slippers.  This year, let’s really wow them with something smart.

So put down that Vera Bradley, walk away from Tory Burch, and stay the hell out of Talbots.

Show the ladies some love.


Vita Fede

Awesomeness in the form of fabulous bracelets from Vita Fede?  Oh heck yes.




Ready to bring the bling?  Call Dannijo.  These necklaces have a serious wow factor.  Bold statement pieces that will get you noticed and noticed twice.








Henri Bendel Cosmetic Cases

Every woman needs a fantastic and functional cosmetic case.  I have always loved these from Henri Bendel.  Every size and style you can imagine.







I am a sucker for a great set of pajamas and I adore Eberjey.  The softest cotton in a rainbow of color choices.  Choose the sexy short set or the classic long set. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

$102 (short set)

$120 (long set)







MZ Wallace

Got a gym rat on your list?  MZ Wallace has the best gym bag ever.  It weighs nada and can easily hold all of your exercise gear.  Go sweat in style.

Metro Tote $225 (additional colors available)


MZ Wallace large metro tote, 225



Angela Roi

Angela Roi has en trend handbags that keep you looking chic without breaking the bank.  Plus these vegan leather bags donate to charity based on the color of the bag you select.  A win – win.

Jules Bucket bag $145

Morning Crossbody $95







Zara Leather Moto Jacket

Want a stylish leather jacket you can actually afford?  Zara has you covered.  Sensational leather jackets under $300.  Congratulations, you just joined the cool club.







There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t need a little Chanel in her life.  Need.  Want.  Same thing.  My signature scents are Coco Mademoiselle for day and Coco Noir for evening.

Coco Mademoiselle from $115






Eddie Borgo

I am crazy about Eddie Borgo’s jewelry.  And these pave mini cone hoops are just the thing.  Do yourself a favor and take a peek through the entire collection.






Alexander McQueen

No, dear friends, all scarves are not created equal.  McQueen has the most beautiful scarves, period.  Yes Mom, you can wear a scarf with skulls on it.  And indeed you should.

Classic Chiffon Skull Scarf, $295


Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 2.51.29 PM




Always looking for the next best beauty product?  You may now conclude your search.  Dr. Harold Lancer’s method for skincare is used by everyone I know, celeb and non-celeb alike.  It is a major game changer.  And Lancer products are now available at Sephora.

3 step method, $120


Lancer 2



Mrs. Prindables

Full disclosure…I have a problem with these gourmet caramel apples.  And that problem is called addiction.  They are dipped and rolled in a variety of naughty things like chocolate and caramel and are insanely delicious.  But it’s an apple so it’s healthy.








And with that, dear ones, I send you into the fray.

Be bold.

Choose wisely.

Don’t knit anyone a sweater.

Gifts for the Guys

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Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for especially around the holidays.  I think we can all agree that our dads, husbands, boyfriends, and sons do NOT need another flask.  And they sure as heck don’t want a fancy paperweight.  Stumped?  Not to worry.  Here are some fantastic ideas that are sure to please.


Chronograph by Leonard and Church

Leonard and Church have a collection of men’s (and women’s) watches that is stellar.  All watches are made in NYC and come with a 10 year guarantee.  They keep prices affordable without sacrificing style or quality.  I love the chronograph but there are other excellent choices for $95.




Saks Fifth Avenue Blue Suede Belt

Most gentlemen can use a little help with their belt wardrobe.  Black and brown can get a bit boring.  A blue suede belt is versatile, chic, and much more exciting. This one from Saks is perfect.



Saks blue suede belt


Floto Bags

Every stylish man should own a gorgeous Italian leather briefcase and duffel bag.  Floto bags are the best!  A plethora of styles and color choices, there is something for every guy on your list.  And right now they are having a killer 30% off holiday sale.  Hop to it.






Mophie Juice Pack Reserve

If your guy doesn’t have one of these, it is a must.  This external rechargeable battery case provides up to 100% additional battery for your iPhone with a smooth outer band so your phone stays charged and protected.

$59.95 (several color options)





Hugo Boss Loungewear

Most men I know secretly just want to lounge on the couch in a pair of sweatpants.  Let’s make sure they have a really good pair.  Hugo Boss has a great selection of loungewear pants and matching sweatshirts and hoodies.  But to be clear, these pants stay on the couch.





Miansai Men’s Bracelet

I realize that not every guy will wear a bracelet, but the coolest guys will.  Miansai is one of my favorite lines and their offerings for men are sleek and masculine.  This woven leather wrap with sterling silver closure is a home run.

$95 (three color options available)




Bose Headphones

There are no other headphones in the world more incredible than the Quiet Comfort 25 Acoustic Noise Canceling headphones.  You have to try them to believe them.  My Dad is obsessed.  He uses them on airplanes, in sports stadiums, and with his iPhone.  This gift is a life changer.







Coravin Model Eight Wine System

The Coravin system lets you enjoy wine without ever pulling the cork.  Wine flows out but oxygen never gets in. Explore your collection glass by glass without committing to any one bottle.  Booze + Cool Gadget = Guy Gift Heaven





Salvatore Feragammo Wallet

It has always baffled me how men keep their wallets.  They buy a cheap one at 25 and are still using the shredded mess at 50.  How about an upgrade?  Goodness knows they probably need it.  This classic from Feragammo is on point.



Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.33.49 AM


Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.33.55 AM

Helmut Lang Leather Aviator Jacket

If the man on your list has been EXTRA good this year, go all in with a leather jacket from Helmut Lang.  It will last forever and make him the envy of every guy he knows.   And you’re going to want to borrow it.







Tomorrow…Gifts for the Ladies.

(And maybe a little something for ourselves!)



Gift Your Friends Well

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Yep, holiday gift guides have gone rogue.  And by rogue, I mean mental.  I just perused a guide that recommended that I gift my Dad this $63 Horse Pencil.



Are you kidding me?  No one is getting a horse pencil on my watch this year.

In the next few posts let me offer some gift ideas for your friends and family that aren’t absurd.

First up, some goodies for our besties.  Most of us have more than one pal and buying multiple gifts can get expensive fast.  Here are some budget friendly and completely reasonable gifts that won’t leave your friends wondering if you drink while you shop.

Legit Gifts for your BFFs


Bandtz Hair Ties

Everybody uses and needs a hair tie.  These also do double duty as cute bracelets.  Bandtz has every color and style you could possibly want. Take your pal’s hair game to the next level.

$8-15 (most come in sets of three)


Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 8.54.48 AM


Faucet Face

Everyone needs a glass water bottle.  These are super cute and minus those dirty toxins found in plastic.

$12 each (free shipping on 3 or more bottles)


Faucet Face

Vosges Haute Chocolate

No one hates chocolate and Vosges is the best of the best.  These chocolate bars are decadent, delicious, and made with wonderfully exotic flavors (the Bacon bar!).  Give me a bar of Vosges for Christmas and we can stay friends forever.

$7.50 (Large Chocolate Bar)



L’Occitane Gift Sets

L’Occitane products are fantastic and they have a trove of great gift sets to choose from.  Gift sets start at $14 and a donation is made to Dress for Success for each gift set sold.  In doubt as to what to choose?  The hand creams are the absolute best.


L'Occitane Luxury Travel Set

Sprinkles Cupcake Mix

Sprinkles is the holy grail of cupcakes and I have a serious addiction.  They offer their cupcake mix in 7 amazing flavors (red velvet, dark chocolate, vanilla, banana, pumpkin, spice and chocolate peppermint).  I’ll take the red velvet.






Zoya Dream Box

This fun nail gift set comes in a host of different color palettes.  And Zoya nail polish is free of formaldehyde and several other toxic chemicals.  Each Dream Box comes with three bottles of full size polish.





I love the girls from MGEMS and I really love this leather necklace with gunmetal pave bar.  Though it can be hard to choose a bauble for someone else, this one is a can’t miss.





Nest Fragrances

Nest is my absolute favorite for home fragrances and their holiday collection is simply divine.  Three different holiday scents are available in candles and diffusers.  My favorite holiday fragrance?  Birchwood Pine.

$14 – 58



White + Warren Cashmere Headband

A friend gave me a cashmere headband 10 years ago and I wear it every year without fail.  It is chic, comfortable, and very warm.  A truly swoon worthy gift.

$95 (many colors)





Simon Pearce

If you are looking for something VERY special and can spend a bit more, the Woodbury Pitcher is my choice.  A pitcher is endlessly useful and this handblown glass pitcher is simply stunning.  Serve beverages in it or use it as a vase.  A gorgeous addition to  your friend’s table.

$80 (small pitcher)

$150 (large pitcher, pictured here)


SimonPearceWoodburyPitcherLarge$150 (2)






Gift giving is great, but I always prefer a someONE to a someTHING.  My best advice for a gift for your friends?  Plan a lunch or coffee date with your pals, no need to be formal.  My hometown squad and I always make time to lunch together during the holiday madness.  Oh who am I kidding, we don’t lunch, we pig out on dessert.

I suggest you do the same.  Get your cake on with your BFFs.