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Cat Williams. (No, I am not the comedian guy. We don’t even look that much alike.)

I grew up in Montgomery, Alabama; and yes, I was an honest-to-god ball gown-wearing, white-gloved, curtseying debutante. Though the ball is long over, my love of elegance, style, and social graces remains. Not that I always employ my Southern decorum. I once used a pickle fork to spear a tomato. Fork selection can inspire an unreasonable amount of drama.

I was called to the stage at the tender age of 7, giving an epic performance as Rat #3 in The Pied Piper of Hamlin. I went on to a career in the theater as an actress and as an associate director on Broadway. I detoured into the fashion world and currently serve as the philanthropy editor of GENLUX magazine. Once I applied to law school. I live in New York City, Los Angeles, Montgomery, Alabama, and an aisle seat in Business Elite on Delta Airlines. I eat lunch out, take a bit of exercise, sometimes book acting jobs, and travel extensively. Every once in a while I take a vitamin.

Have any of these things prepared me to write a blog? Probably not. But dammit, I was a debutante. Elegance CAN make a comeback. I am going to stalk that elegance, hunt it down, and deliver it to you. The Retired Debutante is your daily dose of refinement, charm, and humor. Maybe we’ll even find out what all the fork fuss is about…

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