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This morning as I stood in the never-ending line to check out of Whole Foods, I began to ponder the merits of the new athleisure trend.   Every human in the joint was sporting some kind of lycra pants – jacket – sneaker combo.  And no, most people did not appear to be in post-workout bliss.  I wondered how it has all come to this?  And I wondered this while dressed head to toe in Lululemon.

Hypocrite, party of one.

My feelings on this athleisure trend are decidedly mixed.  On one hand, it feels like we all gave up and moved to sloppy town.   On the other, it’s easy and it feels soooooo darn good.  With more and more high-end designers boarding the sport train, athleisure is here to stay.  And it CAN  be very chic indeed.  Here is the formula to keep your athleisure look comfy, relevant, and not the least bit sloppy.


Basic Foundations



+ En Trend Jacket 





+ Sassy Pants Sneakers



+ Sweet Sunnies


+ Fab Crossbody




= Casual Cool







Baby Foot!

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I don’t mean to be uppity, but I have really lovely feet.  I wouldn’t say I have a foot fetish, I just really like to keep my feet beautifully maintained.  I cannot say the same for my hands since for some anxiety-related reason I continue to destroy them on a daily basis.  I’d love it if someone were to bring back gloves, then I could conceal my mangled and wounded fingers beneath a ladylike accessory.  But until they do, I will continue to throw focus to my pristinely pedicured feet.



Enter Baby Foot.  I’m a sucker for any “makes your feet softer”  product and Baby Foot makes a boldfaced promise to return even the nastiest cracked and dry feet to baby-like softness.  Order placed.  In a nutshell, you wear a plastic bag filled with gel on your feet for an hour and then rinse it off.  Over the next 2 weeks your feet will shed all of their horrors until you are left with nothing but magical baby hooves.  And yea, It works.







It takes a few days but when your feet do begin to peel, look out.  One morning a few days after, I went to a barre class as usual and began noticing some icky stuff on my mat.  “What the eff?!” I thought to myself. “These mats are nasty!  They’re supposed to clean these things!  I am SO going to complain…”   And then it hit me like a Mack truck, the nasty stuff on my mat was my dead  foot.  I tried to be cool as I quickly put on my socks.  Lesson learned.  This stuff is legit.


*This is not my foot, I have a small amount of pride left that I want to keep in tact. But this is the sitch.

***This is not my foot.  I have a small amount of pride left that I want to keep intact. But this is fairly accurate imagery.


I am down with Baby Foot.  When you finish molting, you will indeed have very soft feet.  However, during the molting process, you should do the following:


  1. Employ the use of a dustbuster.  Often.  Like every 5 minutes.
  2. Refrain from shoe shopping.  Unless you want the rumor mill to churn out the idea that you have contracted leprosy, hold off on the shoe spree.  This is not the time.
  3. Wear nothing but boots or athletic shoes.  These are your ONLY options.  I had no choice but to go to the Metropolitan Opera in a bootie last weekend, not because it was fashionable (my god, it’s March) but because it was the most reasonable covering for snake foot.
  4.  Get a broom and learn how to work it.  The dustbuster will need backup.
  5. Text photos of your gross peeling feet to all of your friends.  They absolutely need to see this.




 Amazing.  With a side order of gross.



The Sweater Stone: Yes, You Need One

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Not sure about you, but I am so tired of sweaters that pill!  Sweater “pills” are those little fuzz balls that develop causing your lovely sweaters and knitwear to look like crap.  It can be hard to predict exactly which garments will pill and which ones won’t.  I have had very expensive sweaters that pilled and very cheap sweaters that did not.  What to do, what to do…

Get a sweater stone.


This is a sweater stone.



It is a small block of natural pumice that will gently whisk away those annoying little pills.




This is my sweater stone from a company called The Laundress ($18).  This isn’t the only one, there is also Sweater Stone ($8).  The Laundress stone I purchased happened to be in a store down the block and I snapped it up without doing any price research.  But they are the exact same thing.


How does it work?

Here is a pair of Lululemon lounge pants that have pilled.  Not too fabulous in their current state.




Following the directions, I used short gentle strokes to scrape off the pills.




You get a nice pile of lint to clean up but at least it is no longer attached to your garment.


After a little work with the sweater stone, here are the same Lululemon pants.




Big difference, right?  I used these light gray pants because it was easier to see the result.  I also use my sweater stone on cashmere, wool, and knitwear that develops pills.  It has worked wonders on all.

Order one of these little stones and see for yourself.  Your winter wardrobe will thank you.



Winter Beauty: Give Me Some Lip!

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Model Quinn Cooper /

Model Quinn Cooper /



BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  This morning I stumbled out into the cold, drunken-hobo style, to truck the meager four blocks to meet my trainer at the gym.  It was freezing!  18 degrees in NYC and I had slathered my face with moisturizing oils and caked my lips with Rosebud Salve.  Lookout Equinox.  But even more than I dreaded having my derriere kicked by Kevin, I dreaded having to go home and makeup my freezing face.


Applying makeup in the dead of winter always annoys me to death.  The final result generally stinks.  Everything looks dry and cakey and the moisture level is on par with construction paper.  So I am throwing in the towel and changing it up for this Arctic season.  On the days when it is just too cold to breathe, I will be taking the whole face paint regimen down to only one product.  Yep, you heard me.  ONE.




Do not get me wrong.  I will of course be moisturizing like it is my job and wearing sunscreen like my life depends on it (it does and so does yours).  But I am only going to wear lipstick.  The power of a bright lip has been underestimated in recent years.  Nude lips have been all the rage and in my personal estimation, all wrong.  Nothing brightens your face and does more for you than a standout lip. So what are you waiting for chicas?  Be bold this winter and give ’em some lip!


img-thing    makeup_dark_lips








There are a zillion choices for lip color out there, but here are a few of my favorites.


Tom Ford Bruised Plum

bruised plum



Tom Ford Cherry Lush




MAC Ruby Woo






Nars Trans Siberian






YSL Fuschia in Excess





Not quite ready for the completely bare face this winter??  Go in for the 3 step face.  Black mascara, Touche Eclat under the eyes as concealer / highlighter, and a bold lip.  That’s it.  Nothing else.  You’re done.


*** Touche Eclat is YSL’s genius product that can be used for everything from eye makeup primer to foundation.  Every makeup artist in the world swears by Touche Eclat and so do I.  


Lip colors are available at and